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  • Mardi Gras BlackJack

    Mardi Gras BlackJack

    Single seat BlackJack with a Cajun flare! The party is here with Mardi Gras BlackJack.

  • MegaHearts


    Don’t Get Stuck with the Queen of Spades-She’s Poison!

  • MegaSlots


    The object of the game is to rack up the most number of winning points before the clock winds down for a Jackpot of Tokens. The more matches you make, the more you can win!

  • MegaSpades


    Spades is the most popular four-handed card game on the Internet. It’s a Wonderful, easy to learn, challenging Game.

  • MegaSpeedway


    The Faster YOU react, The Further you WILL GO! The further you go between crashes the higher your score climbs.

  • Shoot Out

    Shoot Out

    How Good a shot are you? Test your hand and eye coordination skills with this challenging quick fire game.

  • Three Seat BlackJack

    Three Seat BlackJack

    Standard Blackjack Rules Apply EXCEPT, Monte Carlo Blackjack lets you play 1 to 3 Hands at Once!

  • Thrill Darts

    Thrill Darts

    Aim for accuracy as the wheel spins by. The faster it goes, the more challenging it is to aim accurately at the spinning dart board.

  • Word War

    Word War

    Try to create meaningful words as many as possible in 3 minutes. Draw with the mouse to create words.

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Join our growing community of friendly players and invite friends to play using our intuitive messaging system.

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Our games are classic favorites with new ones too. Play against others who have similar skills in sponsored tournaments.View details

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There are never any limits to how long you can play on our platform. Others limit free play, we invite you to stay. Play and earn to your heart’s desire.

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Improve Skills

As your confidence grows, so do your skills! You’ll learn to play proficiently and may want to bet a bit for fun and profit.

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MegaDollarGames is a pioneer in online skill tournament gaming! Our experience tells us that players want to play for free to gain skill and then play for fun money amounts against evenly matched opponents. We are not an online casino! We are a skill games provider who does tournament player better than anyone.

7 Days, 7 Ways - Members Only Opportunities

Woman whispers to the girlfriend secrets

What’s a little friendly competition among friends worth? Invite your Friend or foe. When they join, you’ll get $5.00 in game cash. It’s that Easy…and FREE!


Are There Dirty Words in our Word War? Rumor has it there are a few-Find as many as you can and playing Dirty can really pay off!Just play word war and find as many dirty words in 3 minutes as possible. A list of your words is provided at the end of the game. Send is an e-mail titled Dirty Word War with the number of words you found. The Winner will get a $50 Wal-Mart Gift Card to buy. Valid through April 15th, 2014.

2014 is Your Year, But Is It Your Lucky Number? Just Spin that FABULOUS MegaSlots Wheel for the Chance to WIN! The first person to score 2014 or more and let us know, wins 2014 Gold Coins!

Take a FREE RIDE on US–New Members can Sign Up and get a FREE CASH Game Ride on US! Your CASH GAME RIDE of $3.50 is waiting. Try It, You’ll Like It.
Friday Play & Spend to get $10, or $20 or $30 in Bonus Cash to Play, Play, Play for cash prizes and payouts. All 1st time cash deposits, up to $30, will be matched in bonus cash.


$3 Entry; $500 JACKPOT!

The 4 Hours of Power Play will begin and end every Sunday. Noon until 4pm PST. Winners will be announced Monday and winnings deposited directly to your player account.

Fan Favorites!

Ballots are In! Mega Slots and MegaSpades are Players March Favorites!

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MegaDollarGames is an original in the world of online gaming tournaments. Our goal is to provide the best skill games experience online. Our games are popular, easy and fun for everyone to play.

MegaDollarGames gives you the opportunity to win real cash and prizes online! We know that when we provide a safe and fair environment for gaming, you will come back again and again to play with old and new friends. We always strive to offer a top notch gaming experience with our casino, arcade and card favorites games.

The casino games provide a challenge for novices and pros. Blackjack is always fun and we offer two different ways to play with three seat Monte Carlo style Blackjack and our super single seat Mardi Gras Blackjack. Slots rounds out our casino offerings with our loose and wild favorite, MegaSlots. Play as long as you like!

Arcade favorites provide a challenge and new ways to win! MegaSpeedway is a thrill a minute auto race. ShootOut showcases your shooting skills to win more satisfaction! Thrilldarts provides a unique dart game to keep you challenged and winning. And finally, WordWar pits the skills of language masters for super cash and prizes.

The greatest of the card game favorites are available here at MegaDollarGames. MegaSpades offers a traditional four handed spades environment. MegaHearts has the same 4 player layout to maximize your play. How often do you wish you get three friends together for an evening of cards? Well now you can and your friends can be anywhere in the world!

Playing at MegaDollarGames give you hours of affordable fun! As your skill grows, so does opportunity to win substantial cash and prize payouts. What are you waiting for? Join the fun now!